In the US alone, $150B of economic value is lost each year due to missed healthcare appointments.  MyTimeMarket by Sahaaya is a new platform that aims to reduce this "waste" by enabling both patients and healthcare providers to leverage a marketplace to fill time-slots arising from last minute cancellations.

Healthcare Providers


Healthcare providers often "lose" valuable time slots and revenue due to last minute patient cancellations.  With MyTimeMarket, it's now possible to "re-market" these time-slots to other potential patients looking to get a last minute appointment.  This will reduce revenue loss for the healthcare provider as well as help another patient get treatment quickly.



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Life happens and sometimes appointments need to be made or cancelled at the last minute!   In many cases the patient is penalized monetarily or otherwise for this last minute change in addition to delays in future appointments.  With MyTimeMarket, the patient can "re-market" their appointment slot to others looking for an opening, thereby reducing their penalties and making it easier to find alternate slots.


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