W3 0.96″ Color Screen Smartwatch Sport Bracelet IP68 Waterproof Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor Smart Band Fitness Tracker


W3 0.96″ Color Screen IP68 Waterproof Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor Fitness Tracker Multi-Sport Mode Smartwatch

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  • HD 0.96 color screen.
  • Information content reminder and push.
  • Heart rate monitoring,blood pressure monitoring,oxygen monitoring,sleep monitoring.
  • Environmental friendly hand-held TPE strap,hand-held solitary and senseless wear.
  • Turn the wrist automatically to light the screen.
  • Carry out monitoring of changes in physical fitness values,detection of health data,display of risk status and assessment results.


  • HD 0.96 color screen,dazzling UI.
  • Heart rate monitoring,blood pressure monitoring,blood oxygen monitoring.
  • Pedometer,calorie,distance,sleep monitoring.
  • Motion mode,call reminder,alarm clock reminder.
  • Raise your hands lights the screen,social sharing (Wechat,QQ,Facebook,Twitter,etc.)


  • Model:W3;
  • Appearance material:Front shell:PC,back shell:ABS + PC,wrist strip:Environmental TPE;
  • Main control chip:For Telink 8266;
  • Sensor:RT3000;
  • Photoelectric chip:EM7028;
  • Vibration:Silence/vibration;
  • Waterproof level:IP68;
  • Compatible system:Android 4.4 and above iOS 8.0 and above;
  • Characteristic functions:Heart rate,blood pressure,blood oxygen;
  • Screen size:0.96 inch high definition color screen TFT 80*160;
  • Screen type:TFT;
  • Bluetooth:4.0BLE (Low power);
  • Battery types:Polymer lithium batteries;
  • Battery capacity: 105 mAh
  • Charging mode:Dedicated USB charging wire;
  • Charging time:About 2H;
  • Duration:Use:5-10 days,standby:20-30 days (The specific time depends on the frequency of usage and the frequency of content being pushed);
  • Data storage:Bracelet history data is stored for 7 days,data over 7 days is stored in APP;
  • Manipulation:Single touch;
  • Bracelet push support language:Chinese and English;
  • APP support languages:Spain,French,Portugal,Netherlands,German,Russian,English,Chinese.

Package included:

  • 1 x Bracelet
  • 1 x Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

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